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We've already created 4 amazing episodes of Art Adventures, with 4 different Texas-based artists, despite our humble volunteer budget. We've done really well so far by utilizing only our skills, wits, and smartphones! Now it's time to take it to the next level!

BLUEorange Art Adventures has been presented a great opportunity to create a full length film documentary, after an invitation to participate in our first international art festival. We will be traveling 7,094 miles to Busan, South Korea in May 2016. We just need some help getting there and hopefully enough funds for quality equipment so we can better share our story with you and others like you, that are passionate about the arts!

Our film will follow the individual stories and journey of 4 young artists/curators embarking on the adventure to share our culture internationally through art.

The documentary will show the behind the scenes headaches/triumphs of preparing for an international art festival. The physical task of navigating ubers/airports/train stations/ for 20+ hours of oversea travel, with artwork, is a movie in itself. We'll also share our discussions and personal thoughts as we go through uncharted territory and organize a presentation of Texas artists in South Korea, at the Busan international art fair.

While in South Korea, we will film our explorations of a new world as we seek to discover everything the South Korean art community has to offer. We'll be eager to find new friends to guide us as we see if the universal language of art can help us tackle the road block of being inept at speaking the native language. Maybe we'll find similarities with the people, places and art we encounter. Maybe the surprises along the way will cause us to rethink our own art community in Houston, Texas.

As we return home after our journey, halfway across the world, will we have found what we were looking for? What effect will this voyage have on each member of Art Adventures? Will this trip make, or break, our spirits to continue exploring the art world? Will our journey inspire other creatives in the community to follow their own dreams?...We hope so.



ABOUT BLUEorange Art Adventures:

BLUEorange Art Adventures is an arts education video project produced by four friends, Jacob Spacek, Megan Spacek, Cassie Skelly, and Ken General.

Our mission is to create awareness, document, and inspire "creatives" (artists, curators, writers, etc.) in the Texas art scene with a series of short videos and film documentaries that invite viewers to take a closer look into the arts beyond the canvas.

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Donate to art adventures

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