Borja Buces Renard


JOIN US for a Painting Workshop with Borja Buces Renard coming to Houston from Madrid, Spain!

This three day workshop focus on techniques such as translating the 3D world onto a 2D surface, focusing on perspective and foreshortening, discussing composition and positive and negative space, reducing your color palette, and painting from life.

Lunch will be included.


Borja Buces Renard joins us from Madrid, Spain where he creates gorgeous figurative paintings primarily straight from life. Renard has great knowledge and skill in Oil Painting techniques and Art History and a passion for sharing his love of painting with interested students.

Madrid (Spain), 1978 // 0034 658 39 18 16
USA phone : +1 305 505 7637
Instagram @borjabucesrenard


2013-2017. Suported by the Joseph Riviera Foundation, Florida, U.S.A. 
2013. Fine arts Facultad Complutense de Madrid. Specialization Sculpture.
2013.Cátedra Francisco de Goya, workshop directed by Antonio Lopez. 
2012.Cátedra Andres Garcia Ibáñez Museum, (Almeria), workshop directed by Antonio Lopez. 
2012.Cátedra Francisco de Goya, workshop directed by Antonio López. 
2011.Cátedra Francisco de Goya, workshop directed by Antonio López. 
2011.Cátedra Albacete, workshop directed by Antonio López. 

 Professional experience
2000-2001. Visual Development department of art for “The Three Wisemen” - Animagic
2002-2003.  Illustration department - DOI Comunicaciones
2004. Artwork - Games Workshop, Madrid

2018. Figurative Painting Workshop – Cement  Loop, Austin , Texas
2010-2013. Group classes at  my studio

Exhibitions and awards 
2015. Group exhibition National Portrait Gallery, Belfast. UK
2015.Group exhibition National Portrait Gallery, Edimburgh. UK 
2015.Group exhibition National portrait Gallery, London. UK. 
2015.Third Prize BP Portrait Award. National Poirtrait Gallery. UK. 
2015. Group exhibition Palacio Pignatelli, Sede del Real Círculo Artístico de Barcelona. 
2013. Finalist "Ciudad de Tomelloso award" 
2013. Group exhibition Antonio Lopez Museum. 
2012. Miami art river fair, Lleid Art Gallery
2012. Finalist Mutua de granollers award.
2012. Group exhibition FREMAV building, Mutua de Granollers award. 
2011. Finalist Ciudad de Tomelloso award. 
2011. Group exhibition Antonio López Museum, Tomelloso. 
2010. Group exhibition in the Mutua de Granollers building. 
2010. Group exhibition Subastas Alcalá, Madrid. 
2009. Solo exhibition Gallery Báculo, Madrid. 
2009. Finalist in the Mutua de Granollers award
2005. Solo exhibition El Foro, Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid.