Borja Buces Renard Workshop - November 9 - 11, 2018


Borja Buces Renard Workshop - November 9 - 11, 2018


Join us for a 3 day workshop with visiting artist Borja Buces Renard at BLUEorange! Sign up now for Early Bird Pricing! After October 31st price will be $350!


1st Day
-Translating the 3-dimensional to 2-dimensional. An explanation of the way to translate onto the picture plane the reality, perspective, foreshortening.
-preparing boards and canvases. different grounds, types of wood, how it works, gesso and calcium carbonate mixture, different types of fabric surfaces.
-discussion of composition. negative and positive space in the picture, balance.
-creating an underdrawing,  preparing our drawing to the painting stage
-portfolio check. individual review of portfolios

2nd day
-colour palette. reduce colour palette work.
-starting the painting stage. from the verdaccio, grisaille to the flat colours.
-life painting. starting our painting
-portfolio check

3rd day
-life painting
-group painting review and discussion