Caitlin McCollom

Light in the Window

June 23 - Aug 4, 2018


Light in the Window

Through iconic paintings in red and blue Caitlin G McCollom expresses solitary moments of spiritual communion. In Light In The Window the glimpses of transcendence we experience in life are realized in vibrant and evocative paintings on synthetic paper. The depth of feeling that flows in experiences of swelling happiness, acute sorrow, and consuming wonder are far better expressed in the flow of a brush than in imperfect words. These paintings deliberately use colors as symbols of the physical and spiritual realms, as well as the mysterious collisions between the two. McCollom’s paintings interpret these moments in delicately painted ripples, splashes, swirls, and puddles of pure pigment. Through archetypical symbols - teardrops, rectangular windows, loops, and orbs - the artist invokes the mystery of the invisible world.


About Caitlin G McCollom

Based in Austin, TX, Caitlin G McCollom is a visual artist whose conceptual paintings encapsulate metaphysical longing. Working with high flow acrylic paint, polypropylene paper and a paintbrush, McCollom visually expresses encounters with the unknown at the moment they are experienced. She uses shapes that include orbs, rectangles, teardrops and hearts to represent channels for understanding spirituality, windows into the spiritual realm, the experience of suffering or crying tears of joy, and the feelings of the heart, respectively. Her vibrant colors create modern icons that connect the visible and invisible world. McCollom’s work can be found hanging in the Kendra Scott headquarters in Austin, The Rabboni Institute for Learning & Healing, The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas, and Angelo State University’s Archer College, as well as the homes of private collectors internationally. Her work has been featured in Marie Claire, Real Simple, Vogue, and countless local publications in print and online. She graduated in 2010 from Texas State University with bachelors degree in Fine Art.

McCollom’s studio is located at The Canopy in East Austin (916 Springdale Rd, Studio #122, Austin, TX 78702). For more information, visit cgmccollom.com.