Lance McMahan:

The Death of Black Clitus


ecember 8 - January 12, 2012
Artist’s Reception: December 8, 2012 6-9 p.m.


Lance McMahan is an Austin, TX based artist with a background in construction and carpentry.  His smart use of found surfaces and substrates form wonderful textures and relationships in his work.

The Death of Black Clitus highlights Lance McMahan's ability to bring out the beauty in the discarded. McMahan utilizes materials found as refuse in areas of transition, such as a remodeling or demolition, and allows the pieces to develop without any preconceived idea of what they'll become. McMahan titled the show The Death of Black Clitus based on the story of how Alexander the Great's ego got the best of him, causing him to murder his old friend Clitus.

 Clitus, son of Dropidus, Macedonian nobility, became officer of the companion cavalry, a unit of 8 squadrons under Alexander the Great.  At the battle of Granicus he saved Alexander's life, cutting off the arm of Spitridaes. Drunk at a party all the others flattered Alexander. When Alexander took credit for the victories of Philip II, it was too much for Clitus and he defended him. Alexander was furious. He ran through Clitus with a spear.  Clitus fell and his empire came tumbling after.

This story speaks to the utilization of humble materials by McMahan to create the pieces in the show. "I like to think it was Alexander's ego and betrayal of his loved friend that brought down his empire. It's a very human story, a classic" said McMahan.

 The Death of Black Clitus will be displayed at BLUEorange from December 11th through January 12th. Opening reception December 11th 6-9pm.

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