Side Show


Charles Carper's Private Collection | The Amazing Hancock Brothers | Brock Caron

May 3rd - May 31st 2014

The Charles Carper Benefit is a memorial show in honor of the late Charles Carper composed primarily of his personal art collection. As a large supporter of the arts in the Houston Area, Charles' collection features numerous prints by artists such as The Amazing Hancock Brothers. Portions from any art sales will be donated to ArtBridge Houston. Accompanying the collection of Charles Carper will be a large-scale installation and smaller prints by Austin based artist Brock Caron. Also, during the event we will have food and feature live music by Houston based Matt Harlan and others.

Diegetic Debris

Evan Hublein | Aldon Mines | Doug Pollard

April 5th - April 26th 2014

BLUEorange is proud to present Diegetic Debris, a group show featuring work by Doug Pollard, Aldon Mines and Evan Hublein. Utilizing a variety of mediums and processes, these new bodies of work engage concepts of identity, humor and material by re-configuring representations of our cultural detritus. All three artists have received their BFA from Texas State University and currently live and work in Austin, TX.

Particularly These

Lance McMahan | Roxana Tuff | Giovanni Valderas

February 22nd - March 22nd 2014

BLUEorange Contemporary is proud to announce the opening of Particularly These a show that, through explorations of medium and materiality, captures the artists’ contemplation of personal history, be it a physical artifact, a fleeting memory, or a symbol of ones identity. This exhibition will include works in various media by Lance McMahan (Austin, TX), Roxanna Tuff (Austin, TX) and Giovanni Valderas (Dallas, TX).

Ryder Richards:

Conversations from the Museum of the Uninformed

December 20th 2013

BLUEorange presents Conversations from the Museum of the Uninformed by Dallas-based artist Ryder Richards. Developed around themes of information handling, the exhibit looks at the redaction of information as creating a cultural void. Displaying several drawings of ________________________ paired with sculptural manifestations of ___________________ the exhibit will also provide installations utilizing sound, light and ___________________, otherwise known as the _________________.
Considering the issue of absence provoking monumentalization as an intentional strategy employed by ________________________________________ and _____________, Richards offers several objects as proposals to concretize or capture vacancies and vagaries.
Ryder Richards recently co-curated Boom Town at the Dallas Museum of Art and has exhibited at Roswell Museum of Art, Bellevue Arts Museum, and the participated in the prestigious _________________ at ____________. A curator, gallery director, occasional writer, and member of several collectives Richards is a Visiting Scholar at Eastfield College outside of Dallas.