BLUEorange is proud to present Expectations & Accessibility, featuring the new work of artists Brittany Ham, Tracey Keller and Melinda Laszczynski. Through their explorations in subject matter, presentation and alternative mediums these artists challenge preconceived notions of "Fine Art".

In this series, Brittany Ham addresses different archetypes of people and situations. Her paintings contain confident and purposeful marks while her monoprinting technique allows for pleasing marks and intriguing inconsistencies. Fluid marks alongside bold, flat patterns bring these characters to life. For Ham, this allows her work to take on a sense of abstraction while remaining strongly figurative.

Tracey Keller puts a fresh spin on the unexpected with her use of eccentric materials and deliberate yet seemingly simple presentations. This series contains commonly identified objects, representations and mediums used in ways that evoke familiarity while raising questions about their established roles. The tactile quality of materials used in Keller's pieces create a strong desire for the viewer to interact with the work.

As a collector of items with potential, Melinda Laszczynski constructs her work out of unconventional art items and materials. Her work creates a distinct tension between the commonly known feelings associated with these items and their new context created through alterations and contradictory use. In her latest series, Laszczynski's reflective and brightly colored paintings invite onlookers to peer into them like they're a portal to an alternative space.