BLUEorange Contemporary is proud to present Eupepsia by Gracelee Lawrence. Eupepsia will open Saturday November 22nd, 2014 from 6:00 - 9:00 PM.

Artist Statement:
This work is an index of discomforts, ciphers of a self-conscious uneasiness in the body. In my daily navigation of the world, I am in hyper-constant consideration of the psychological and physical tensions that determine interpersonal relationships and choices. The tenuous balance between ease and discomfort, delight and displeasure: how a single word, a gesture, an eye movement can alchemically shift an interaction and change the air in a room. This drives the making.

In the drawings and sculptures, a series of digestions take place. The original moment of discomfort or displeasure is pushed from brain to hand and hand to paper. That image is then portioned; a small area is translated dimensionally and condensed into a sculpture. The process invites and encourages further consumptions and abstractions.

Throughout the process of making this work, I am continually considering the delicate line between social conditioning and biological drives. This line determines our actions, it helps us to understand why we think and act as we do. It helps to dissect base needs from imposed expectations. This investigation in relation to our interactions with other bodies, with the understanding that there is no universal or measurable answer, is my overarching intention. I use food as an entry into the larger and immensely complicated set of questions around bodies, just as I use my personal experience as a gateway into the plethora of interactions and decisions that we are all faced with daily.