Ryder Richards:

Conversations from the Museum of the Uninformed

December 20th 2013

BLUEorange presents Conversations from the Museum of the Uninformed by Dallas-based artist Ryder Richards. Developed around themes of information handling, the exhibit looks at the redaction of information as creating a cultural void. Displaying several drawings of ________________________ paired with sculptural manifestations of ___________________ the exhibit will also provide installations utilizing sound, light and ___________________, otherwise known as the _________________.
Considering the issue of absence provoking monumentalization as an intentional strategy employed by ________________________________________ and _____________, Richards offers several objects as proposals to concretize or capture vacancies and vagaries.
Ryder Richards recently co-curated Boom Town at the Dallas Museum of Art and has exhibited at Roswell Museum of Art, Bellevue Arts Museum, and the participated in the prestigious _________________ at ____________. A curator, gallery director, occasional writer, and member of several collectives Richards is a Visiting Scholar at Eastfield College outside of Dallas.