A Houston Trilogy

Aaron Meyers | Erik Shane Swanson

March 9 - April 5, 2013

BLUEorange contemporary is proud to announce, A Houston Trilogy, an exhibition featuring the work of Aaron Meyers and Erik Shane Swanson. The exhibition, which is loosely structure in three parts, will feature a wide variety of media including: sculpture, performance, photography and painting. Meyers' and Swanson's work collectively examines moments of transformation through materiality. Their actions and objects simultaneously present the results of processes and the processes themselves.

The exhibition's title pays homage to Paul Auster's 1986 novel The York Trilogy. In Auster's collection of three existential mystery stories the protagonists serendipitously become detectives and spy on authors not at all dissimilar from Auster himself. In the character's struggle to derive information from basic daily action, they begin attaching bizarre meanings to quotidian symbols. Meyers' and Swanson's equally introspective work detaches symbols and icons--letter forms, architectural elements, and the picture plane itself--from their typical associations.

Aaron Meyers, b.1988 Pittsburgh, Pa, is a current MFA candidate at The University of Texas at Austin. Meyers received a BS in Mathematics from Bucknell University in 2010. His work has recently been exhibited in Pittsburgh PA, Williamsport PA, and Austin TX. Artist website http://aaronmeyers.us    

Erik Shane Swanson, b. 1983 Santa Monica California, is a current MFA candidate at The University of Texas At Austin. Swanson received a BFA from Otis College in 2005. His work has been recently been exhibited in New York NY, Brooklyn NY, and Los Angeles CA. Artist website http://erikshaneswanson.virb.com

Exhibition will be up at BLUEorange from March 9th through April 5th 2013 with an opening reception on March 9, 2013 from 6 - 9 PM 

Closing Reception: April 5, 7 - 9 PM